Wednesday, 10 August 2016

What a great start to the term with a visit from Ronald McDonald to remind us about Road Safety. The children loved interacting with Ronald as he acted out all the things they need to do to be safe pedestrians and safe passengers.

 As a follow up the children were set a goal to write five interesting sentences about the Ronald McDonald visit. You will have read some of these in the newsletter and here are some more for you to enjoy:
Ronald McDonald has enormous red and yellow shoe laces. When I went to the student common room it was so deafening. Ronald McDonald said on the road  stop, look and listen otherwise you will get run over. When Ronald McDonald was teaching us about road safety he said to keep on the house side not the road side. When you are by a sneaky driveway you need to stop, look and listen.
By Ryley.

Ronald McDonald taught us about pedestrian crossings and we helped Ronald cross the street safely. Ronald wore big, stripy yellow and red top and socks. He was hilarious, everyone chuckled when he talked. Ronald told us to walk on the house side of the footpath because if we walk near the road we could fall onto the road.
By Zera.

For Math we have been busy learning about multiplication and division. We have been practicing our equal sharing and writing equations to show what we did. The children are being encouraged to practice counting in 2s, 5s and 10s to help them with their problem solving.

We were very lucky to have a soccer session with Adam who has represented New Zealand at an Olympic level. The children really enjoyed the chance to learn and practice their soccer skills.

After our soccer session we all wrote a special type of poem called a cinquain, about our soccer experience. Come and read our great cinquains on the room 3 wall.


  1. Thanks for letting us know what the kids are up to! It's great hearing about their learning

  2. I've read some of your cinquain poems Room 3!! Such great reading!