Monday, 22 August 2016

Kia ora whanau

The 2016 Rio Olympics inspired an Olympic unit. Our room three focus over the last two weeks has been working collaboratively within our Olympic teams.

What does it mean to be in a team? A brainstorm showed the children already had a great understanding of what teamwork means to us.

Aurin - "When the whole team works together!"
Zera - "Lend a hand when they need help!"
Shaun- "Buddies that stick together no matter what!"
Mack - "People working together to achieve a goal!"
Jacob - "Help your people out!"

Working together in teams to:
Create a team flag using symbolism.

Wai- “The hearts are for love and kindness.”

Zera- “The red / pink / white are for kindness.”

Millie- “We chose the colours because they represent helpfulness.”

Shaun- “Love hearts and flowers represent when you help someone they know you want to get to know them.”

Riley- “The red represents love.”

Scott- “It's like the NZ flag because we are from NZ.”

 Mack- “The kia feathers are green because green means helpfulness.”

Alex- “The ferns represent NZ.”

Anish- “The koru man is for NZ.”
Hong-Ly- “The dragons were an awesome idea because everyone liked dragons.”

Zaidyn- “We needed to make it colourful so you could see it from far away.”
Aurin- ‘Love hearts and stars represent helping people because when you help people you feel like a star. Also we drew stars because when you have a good day you lie down and see stars.”

Aurora- “The microphone is for shouting it out."

Working together to complete a team relay race!

The teams cheered each other on! 

Ka Pai!

We have developed a great team spirit in room three!
Signing off- Miss Rawson 


  1. Love the creative flag designs - you can tell they've really thought about significant colours & symbols. Way to go team!!

  2. Team work!! Great to read your thoughts on what good team work is all about. Well done Room 3!!

  3. We are an awesome team in room 3.