Friday, 22 July 2016

What a very busy end to term 2 it was.
The children really enjoyed the book week activities and writing about their favourite books. You will see their book covers and accompanying blurbs about their favourite book displayed in room 3. We were very priviledged to have some room 3 parents come and share stories from their countries with us during book week. These were greatly enjoyed by all.

What fun we all had dressing up as a book character to end a most enjoyable Book Week.

We had a return visit from Renee from Project Energise to reinforce previous work done with the children about healthy foods. The children loved playing the Healthy Foods Snakes and Ladders game and impressed us all with how much they remembered about the different food groups.

All the learners at Silverdale Normal School are very lucky to have the opportunity to learn Mandarin and the room 3 children love their Mandarin sessions.
For Mathematics we have been practicing our bonds to 10 and reading, making and writing multiplication equations.

We have been very priviledged to have two Masters of Education students, Whaea Jane and Miss Muller, working in room 3 during term one and two and sadly had to say farewell to them in week nine as they get ready to go to their next school. We would look to thank them for all their hard work, encouragement and support in room 3 during their time with us and wish them all the best for their continuing studies. They will be greatly missed by us all

 So, as you can see we have had a very busy, enjoyable term two. We look forward to returning to school recharged, ready for another full on term of learning and fun. Enjoy spending time with your lovely children during the holiday break.

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  1. Lots of great learning going on there! So good to see the kids getting involved & having so many great opportunities. Keep up the awesome work 😊