Thursday, 15 September 2016

The Witches by Roald Dahl has been used as a shared reading activity with the students. The story has enthralled the students chapter by chapter. The have listened attentively, responded ecstatically and appropriately throughout. I have loved the experience of reading out loud a children’s novel. The students have been increasingly visualizing and this is affirmed by their excited responses. I am excited by how engaged students are through oral language. They listen, laugh and enjoy our shared reading time.
On Monday we received a peculiar letter all the way from London. It read
Dear Room 3
I have some terrible news. The witches turned me into a mouse! Being a mouse is no fun and I miss being a boy. George told me your class is very good at making marvelous medicines. I was hoping you could create a medicine that would turn me back into a boy.
 Please reply with the instructions so I can get my grandmother to make it. I need to know:
·    The ingredients.
·    Where I can find the ingredients.
·    How much of each ingredient.
.  How to make the medicine
 Kind Squeaks!
 Mouse Boy
We knew what we had to do! Room three had a rather large responsibility to fulfill. Individually we followed a flow chart to help us complete the task with maximized independence.
What we did:
  • Reread the chapter on the recipe for the Delayed Action Mouse Maker 86 inspire creativity.
  • A circle conversation on possible ingredients started us off formulating ideas.
  • Plans were constructed
  • Drafts included the ingredients, measurements and where to find such things.
  • Proof reading and editing
  • Bottle design
  • Name and label creation
  • Draw in ingredients into bottle
  • Publish work
The process has been exciting and engaging. The students’ creativity has shone through their creations to creative an array of very awesome and very effective potions! Good Luck Mouse Boy, we did our best 

Signing out Mrs Edwards and Miss Rawson 

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  1. The 'recipes' I read sounded hilarious! Great imaginative writing Room 3!!