Tuesday, 15 March 2016

During the last few weeks we have been creating a composition using Koru shapes to represent members of our whanau. We used a combination of paint, crayon and pastel to colour these. We looked at the murals around the school and illustrations in Maori legend books to give us inspiration for the patterns that we put on each koru shape. We created our compositions in several stages:
1. First we practiced drawing Koru shapes.

2. We drew a number of different designs using a koru shape for each member of our whanau.
3. We chose our favourite design and drew it onto cartridge paper. We then painted our design, choosing a colour to represent each family member's Koru shape.
4. Next we coloured all of the background using crayon.
5. Finally we added designs onto our Koru shapes using pastels.

We look forward to sharing our wonderful Koru designs with you in room 3.