Sunday, 28 February 2016

With the hot weather we have been having the children have been enjoying their time in the pool. Some of the skills they have been  practicing are floating on their back and front, gliding across the pool, getting into and out of a pool safely and picking objects up off the bottom of the pool.

We have also been writing about our swimming. Here is some of our writing:
I like splashing in the pool and playing soccer in the pool as well. Diving into the pool is fun. I can be a dolphin in the pool.
By Alex.

I can get things from the ground and I can swim like an eel. I can glide in the pool and I can glide with my hands on my tummy. In the pool I like putting my head under the water.
By Bagas.

I like swimming. I can put my hands under my knees and my face is underwater and I was floating. My back was poking up at the surface. The water felt cold but when I put all my body in until the water was up to my neck I felt warm. I liked doing a starfish,it felt relaxing. The toughest thing is sitting at the bottom of the pool. I like touching the bottom as well.
By Advait.

When I'm in the pool it's cold like an ice cube. I can do a starfish and backstroke. I like going in the pool because it's fun and we learn to swim. We play in the pool with Miss M's class sometimes and room 4 also comes in the pool sometimes too.
By Mack.

We have been filling out all the new skills we can do in the pool on our "I can" fish which are hanging in room 3. We would love you to come and have a look at them to see how clever we all are.

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  1. Nice to be enjoying the cool pool on these hot summer days!!