Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Welcome to room 3's blog.
We have had a very busy start to the year and have been learning all about what makes each one of us unique and special.
Last Thursday we were very lucky to have a visit from two guinea pigs called Chocolate and James. Kylie and Jaz Gray told us all about how to care for them and all the children loved having a cuddle with the guinea pigs.

 We worked together to "brainstorm" some great describing words and key words for our plan. Then the children used the plan to help them write a short passage about the guinea pigs.
We hope you enjoy reading some of our great writing........

Guinea pigs are cute and little. They are cuddly and cheeky little guinea pigs. One guinea pig had brown fur. His name was Chocolate. By Bagas.

Guinea pigs are soft and like to escape and hide in the hay. They squeak when they like you and whistle when they are hungry. By Aurin.

They have fluffy heads. They feel strokable. They are cute. They are as cosy as a blanket. One has chocolate coloured fur and the other has white fur. They They are very fluffy and cute. I liked the white one the best. The one with white fur is called James and the one with brown fur is called Chocolate. They have fluffy fur and feel warm. By Adu.

Guinea pigs run fast when they are scared. Every morning you need to feed your pets.By Izzy.

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  1. Student Teacher: Jane Caffery - The children were really excited having 2 guest Guinea Pigs in our class. Thank you Jaz and Mum for giving us real-life examples to touch, hold, feel and observe. It brought our writing alive!