Wednesday, 27 April 2016

What an exciting and busy end to term one we all had.
As part of our Hauora/Wellbeing term focus the children made and ate healthy wraps:

It was a pleasure to introduce the first three lessons of Science – Health and Nutrition: Making Healthy Wraps; to tie in with the current term one theme: Hau Ora/Well-being.
Your children reflected on their previous knowledge delivered by Project Energize regarding; Go, Grow, Glow and Slow (food groups) and how the digestive system works. Collaboratively we worked well together to reciprocate the value of (Whananungatana – Connectedness); through building respectful relationships in exchange of knowledge, food and learning. 

Whaea Jane

We have been exploring dance during the last week of the term. Our focus was to explore different movements using our bodies and to react to contrasting music. We made lots of letter shapes with our bodies, acted out a sequence of action verbs and had lots of fun creeping around to Pink Panther.

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  1. Millie loved both the wraps and the dance! Awesome!