Sunday, 19 March 2017

We have been continuing to enjoy our swimming sessions each day. This week we will be focusing on water safety skills. We have been writing recounts about swimming and here are some for your enjoyment.
Splish, splash, splosh I was kicking in the pool. I love swimming under the water in the pool. The water was very cool and relaxing when I was floating on my back. After that I glided to the ladder. We go swimming every day. I couldn’t go underwater but now I can. I like doing freestyle in the pool.

By Solomon.

I love going in the pool because we learn to swim. It is really fun because we glide across the pool and also we do freestyle and we use flutter boards and we do diving.  We use noodles and we do ducking under the water. We need to bring our togs every day. Me and my friends can touch the bottom. Sometimes we get to do free play and it is really fun. What I like doing in the pool is freestyle because it is cool and fun. I can go under water and I can glide I the pool.
By Silia

At school we have a pool and we have swimming. I like gliding and freestyle it is cool. I can go under and blow bubbles. I can do a starfish in the water. I can go on a noodle and kick my legs. I can glide across the pool.
By Bella L

I love to jump in the pool and splash. I can blow bubbles in the pool. I like to do swimming underwater. I like to dive.
By Wesley

Diving. Yip you heard me, the sweet sound of a pool. The sound of splashing and yelling is music to my ears. Every day when I bring my togs I’m always excited to get in the pool with my googles. I like diving and ducking and gliding with a board. I love swimming it’s my favourite thing to do. Oh that is a cool pool.
By Lucy.

For mathematics we have been focusing on ordering numbers and using our doubles to help solve addition problems. It would be great if the children could practice their counting and doubles at home.
We have also been loving our dancing sessions with the "Footsteps" dance instructors. The children have been going to a 45 minute session each Thursday morning. What great fun they are. Here are a few photos that show some of our moves.

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