Monday, 21 November 2016

Wow! what a busy few weeks we have had. The children have been loving the hockey sessions with Stuart and have been learning lots of new hockey skills.:
We went to the canopy and played hockey. We learnt how to dribble with the ball and what side to hit the ball with. We played a hockey game where you weren't allowed to touch the cones with the ball.
By Scott.

Today we learnt some hockey skills at school. We learnt how to dribble a hockey ball and how to hold a hockey stick.We had to put a lot of eyesight on the ball, . We tested how fast we could dribble a hockey ball. My favourite was the dribbling.
By Aurin.

Today we went and played hockey. We played under the canopy. It was fun. I want to play hockey again. I liked playing the bomb game. If you hit the cones you had to do five star jumps before the bomb goes off. Boom!
By Nevaeh.

We are now well into our swimming programme and it has  been great to see the improved confidence with the children thanks to the three amazing swimming instructors that have been coming on a Wednesday and Friday. They have been able to get in the pool with the children and provide some great learning sessions.

We have been working hard on our Celebrations topic work and are looking forward to sharing this learning on the blog later in the term.

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  1. Such a great opportunity to have these experts teaching skills - awesome!